Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wisdom of Celebrity

In the December issue of InStyle, actress Natalie Portman shared, "If we can find ways to love life and by joyful without being wasteful or destructive that's what's important ." As a frequent reader of celebrity magazines, I know that inane comments by famous people are not entirely uncommon. What struck me about this particular comment is how difficult it is to argue against. After all, loving life and being joyful sounds good. And who among us wants to be wasteful and destructive? The edict from Miss Portman seems like a fine one except for one thing - she says quantifiably that these things are what's important. Not that these things are important, but that they are the important things. And therein lies the problem. It assumes that what is important is our feelings and experiences and that's just not the case. What's important is whether our lives are adding or detracting from the glory of our Father. What's important is whether our lives are properly aligned with His will. What's important are matters of eternity.

I fear that wisdom like Miss Portman shares would be agreed to by many these days. And I fear that many would concede this point without recognizing the potential problems - both outside of the Church - and within.

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Better Things Ahead: The Wisdom of Celebrity

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The Wisdom of Celebrity