Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blind Sight

One of the crazy things about language is that often times common phrases, when considering arduously, don't make sense. For example - "jumbo shrimp." How can something that's quantified by its smallness, become big? Or, as one of my friends would say "true love." Can it really be love if its not true? Isn't therefore the phrase redundant?

One of the crazy things about God is that He also sometimes doesn't make sense. At least not to us. Whether its because His are so high or are ways are so small (Isaiah 55:9), He has an amazing way of extracting the least-considered consequences. He just as a knack for causing things to turn out different than one would expect.

Paul's life is a prime example of this. Before he had his heavenly name change, Saul was the persecutor of the church. He had studied the Law and knew what it taught, and sought to merit out its justice. On the road to Damascus he was struck by blindness and it was only then that he could truly see. Stopped in the road, he found the Way.

Oftentimes in life things don't go the way I think they should. I'm glad that God is the type who doesn't always require that things make (human) sense.

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Better Things Ahead: Blind Sight

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Blind Sight