Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seeing God's Beauty

In his song "Better is One Day", Matt Redman writes "One thing I ask and I would seek to see Your beauty, to find You in the place Your glory dwells." The song, taken from Psalm 84, extols the goodness of residing with our Heavenly Father. Countless times I've sand the words without pondering what they meant. This weekend, I did. And what I settled upon was this - if we were able to see God's beauty, I don't think we could comprehend it. Additionally, seeing someone's beauty is usually about seeing their face, and in God's case, that would lead to our immediate removal from this planet (Exodus 33:20) which I doubt is what the thousands of congregants who sing this song intend. However, although we can't see God's face this side of heaven, we can see the impact of His glory. In fact, we can be instruments of its administration by reflecting His love, sharing His grace, and demonstrating His mercy. It's through or act of worship that His beauty is revealed because its in these acts that we most reflect Him.



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Better Things Ahead: Seeing God's Beauty

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Seeing God's Beauty