Monday, November 26, 2007

Swallowing My Righteousness

We've all heard the phrase "sometimes, you have to swallow your pride." I would guess that 99% of the time that this phrase is used it references someone who has done something wrong and they are reluctant to admit it. It's hard to be humble, to admit our failings. The difficulty that it causes is the reason that we are admonished to to consume our own boastfulness; it's not something that comes naturally.

As hard as swallowing one's pride is, I think its harder to swallow our own righteousness; to overlook the wrong that's been done or the injustice that's been committed and to recognize that sometimes God calls us to set aside what we think we deserve so that He can get what He deserves. Proverbs 19:11 says that it is our "glory to overlook an offense." How counterculture is that in a world that proclaims the need for "talking it out" and "not holding it in." Obviously these have their place in relationships too, but in a quick review of Scripture the only time I could find that we were told to seek out a conversation is when 1) we were the ones committing the offense or 2) when the offense (i.e. sin) was against the Lord. Maybe if we didn't think so highly of ourselves we wouldn't be so eager to talk with others about the wrong that they committed against us. Maybe if we thought a little more highly of God we'd be more eager to address the wrong that they've committed against Him.

I don't know how to be o.k. with not telling someone when they've hurt me, but I know that sometimes that's what I'm called to do. And so I'm learning. My self-righteousness doesn't have the best taste, but like so many other things in life, maybe its an acquired one.



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Better Things Ahead: Swallowing My Righteousness

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Swallowing My Righteousness