Friday, December 7, 2007

The Attraction of Truth

In a recent Bible study a discussion emerged about whether Christ's message was offensive. Most of us that were part of the discussion concluded that it was, and that it should be. After all, any time someone is saying that you should abandon your prerogatives in order to follow His, its bound to cause some discord.

In the course of the discussion the observation was made that "most people don't like the truth." As the talk continued on we refined this to say "most people don't like absolutes" because the point was made that most people do like the truth, however very few nowadays believe that you can ascertain it. I believe that this assessment is accurate, although if those who argue against truth's identity asked me to prove it, I probably couldn't.

However, I think truth has an inherent attractiveness. If for no other reason than our pride, we want to believe that we have an accurate assessment of our lives; that we know how to navigate the world. Even those who aren't sure that the truth can be found order their lives around some sort of belief - even if that belief is that truth is unobtainable. We want to believe that we can make sense of the craziness that is this life.

Maybe if we were a little bit more consistent in living according to the Truth we claim to believe, people would think a little more highly of the Church and would be a little more attracted to it too.

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Better Things Ahead: The Attraction of Truth

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The Attraction of Truth