Friday, December 7, 2007

The Difference in Death

For a long time, I've thought death as the leveling of the playing field. After all, when we are no longer part of this world superficial distinctions will no longer matter. We all stand the same before the throne of God; we're all sinners in need of His grace.

I've come to see however that death is also one more area in which the difference between us and Christ is demonstrated. (Or at least I think it is. This is one of those times that I think a theology degree would be helpful.) For all of us, death is the time that we meet God. Sooner or later, "every knee will bow and every tongue confess" (see Romans 14:11) and each of us have to give an account before God for our lives. We stand before the throne upon our transition from this Earth.

Jesus, however, had the throne all along. Instead of meeting God in death, He was forsaken by Him. We have the opportunity to be restored, He was destroyed. He was abandoned, yet as believers, we finally come home.

The differences between Christ's life and our are only too readily apparent for anyone who is honest. Isn't it interesting that the same is true in death?

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Better Things Ahead: The Difference in Death

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The Difference in Death