Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Preponderance of Provision

It's easy to think about all that we don't have. Maybe this is because we live in a consumer culture; maybe because this is just human nature, but whatever the cause, it doesn't take long for people to list the things that they don't have that they wish they did. In fact, for most of us reading this blog, if someone during the holiday season asks for our wish list, any amount of time that it takes us to deliver it is usually because of what we choose to leave off, not because we are lacking in desires.

One of the many amazing things about God, however, is that He never leaves us in this state of want. In fact, He always provides more than enough for what we need. Sure it doesn't always feel this way; sometimes it feels like we are lacking the right resources, opportunities or options to pursue a certain course, but in fact, God promises that this is not the case. He is actively pursuing our good (Rom. 8:28), not based on how we define it, but based on what is truly good. That is why Scripture teaches us not to worry about what we have or what we don't - God already knows what is needed, and He will provide (See Luke 12:29-31).

However, its not just in our day to day lives that the magnanimous nature of our God is displayed. In fact, the best example of the preponderance of His provision is illustrated in His Son's death on the cross. Not only did Christ's sacrifice provide payment for the sins I've committed, but His goodness, His righteousness, is put on my account (See Romans 4:6-8). In other words, not only is our debt erased, but when God looks at us, He sees all of the "credit" that Christ obtained. Our account is not at a "zero" balance, but instead, from God's perspective, it has all the riches of Christ's righteousness.

This isn't to say that we have nothing left to offer. In return for the riches of His provision, God asks us to lead a life that's pleasing Him. All things considered, it seems a small price to pay.

(This post was inspired, in part, by Dr. Mike Fabarez's message titled "The Gospel According to Abraham - Part 2" which you can find here)

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Better Things Ahead: The Preponderance of Provision

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The Preponderance of Provision