Thursday, October 22, 2009

At the Sound of the Bell

Temptation is never an easy thing to deal with. That's why there are so many weight loss programs out there. If it was easy for people to forgo the things that taste good but are bad for us, then the majority of Americans would probably be much more healthy.

However, despite it being hard, Christians can view temptation differently. In our Savior's life it marked the beginning of His public ministry. When He was led out in the dessert to fast, commune with His Father, and face Satan's calls towards sin, it was an indication that He was about to enter the scene. Instead of marking the termination of work in Christ's life, it marked the beginning of God's work that would be publicly displayed through Him.

May we view it the same way. As a pastor at my church stated, Christians should view temptation like the ringing of the bell at the start of a boxing match. It's the signal that there's about to be a fight. And believers have the confidence to know that we have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to win. Our job is then to do that which we've been in training for - to reflect God's glory not only despite the temptation, but within it.

My dad has always said, using his military background as context, that if you aren't being tempted "you better check your six" because if you are being used for Christ's kingdom, you soon will be. May we not only be on the lookout for what's calling us away from God, but may we recognize the honor that it is to fight temptation like our Savior did, and to stand victoriously with Him.

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Better Things Ahead: At the Sound of the Bell

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At the Sound of the Bell