Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Greater Love

I just got a puppy. He's adorable and a rascal, makes me laugh and sometimes makes me want to scream. While anyone who has had a puppy knows what this like, the purpose of this little treatise isn't to advocate the trials or the triumphs of owning a dog. Instead, its to talk about the sudden change in priorities that can occur within just a moment of time. All of the sudden my crazy schedule isn't so any more.

Those who know me know that I tended to go from one activity to the next. This is surprising since I'm an introvert, but for one reason or another I tend to be involved in a lot of things. I rarely realize how crazy my schedule is until I start describing it to someone else and they look at me with big eyes. Somehow, it just seemed normal to me.

But all the sudden my normal has changed. No longer do I feel compelled to be involved in everything because there's an 11-week old little dog who is, at this time, quite dependent on me. And it's important to me that my rambuncious puppy grows up into a well-behaved dog. My priorities have shifted.

And the thing is, I tend not to mind it. The work, the change in schedule, is worth it because there's a greater vision in mind. I don't want to have to be teaching my 5-year old dog how to behave, I'd much rather do it now. However, the work and the inconvenience that I somehow manage with my dog, I sometimes balk at when it comes to the service that God has me do. I want it to be on my own schedule and I want it to work according to my plans, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes its hard and trying, and frankly very discouraging. But just like my dismay at my puppy's behavior doesn't make me abandon the work, neither should disappointment in people's response to the things of God. After all, the work isn't for them anyway.

We are willing to make all sorts of things a priority in our lives and we sacrifice much to ensure that our priorities are achieved. If God's purpose in our lives was the most prominent priority in our lives, maybe we'd be a little more willing to deal with inconveniences and a little less concerned about its impact on us.

"It's amazing how non-Christians put our love and commitment to shame because their love for idols exceed our love for God" - Dr. Mike Fabarez, June 1, 2008



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