Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blessed Beyond Measure

It's been tradition for me to write a blog on my birthday. This tradition was neglected this year due to a crazy schedule. However, traditions last because there is value to them. So although this is a few days late, I still want to take the opportunity to write my thoughts on the previous 366 days. It a time to recall the lessons learned and the opportunities that lie ahead.

I believe that the word that most characterizes this past year is "blessed." Indeed, my life is an example of how gracious our Heavenly Father is because He has given more far more than even love would allow. The life of forgiveness and love that He bestows on me not only exceeds what I deserve, He's taken the punishment that is rightfully mine and given me goodness instead. Blessed is the only word that I think can adequately describe this exchange.

Lest anyone think that life has all been sunshine and roses for me this past year, let me quickly correct that misperception. There's been hurts and tears, pain and discipline. Yet in these blessings that He's given me so far surpasses these momentary inconveniences that as I reflect back its hard to remember what those hard. His goodness is far greater than any single event that can take place on this Earth.

And that's perhaps the greatest lesson I've learned. The things that happen to me now are temporary. Stressing over a bad time or a ill-thought word is scarcely worth it. The joy of what lies ahead is enough to compel me to forget these trivialities. A year later its hard to recall them even with effort. Learning to life each day with a recount of the blessings bestows puts all else in perspective. When looking at this life from Heaven's perspective, its difficult to be too concerned with the challenges that this world affords.

Instead, I look at my life, and I know that I'm blessed.

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Better Things Ahead: Blessed Beyond Measure

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Blessed Beyond Measure