Sunday, January 20, 2008

One Isn't Enough

Being content is a state that is much sought after, and few seldom achieve. In fact, when I quizzed my students recently about what defines them, I was shocked when one of them answered "I'm content." You don't often hear people say that these days, even less when they are college students. It was a pleasant surprise, and one that I will cherish because this student had already discovered something that many adults her senior still chase after.

As frequent readers of this blog know (that's you, Mom) I write about being content a lot. A psychologist might say I'm projecting, but I don't think that is true. Just like my student, I think I'm a pretty content individual. Despite a pretty disciplined nature (which I've recently felt is more of a reaction that a proclivity), I'm not ambitious. On any given day, I'm pretty happy with the way life is, and even when there are challenges, I recognize that its a season and that I'm still way beyond blessed. I've also discovered though that there are some things we should not be content with such as an reluctance to completely surrender to God. Sometimes, we should want more than we have.

In the past, when I've listened to songs asking for "a thousand tongues to sing, my great Redeemer's praise" I always thought the lyricst was calling for a thousand people to reveal God's goodness. However, God has plenty of people who will declare His goodness, He doesn't need me to call forth a thousand. Even if there weren't people who will shout His name, the rocks and the trees would. So, what do the song lyrics mean? It's a desire that I could have a thousand tongues, because the one I have just isn't enough to do the goodness of God justice. Maybe with a thousand tongues I could adequately convey how God has richly blessed my life and the miracle of His salvation. There isn't enough time in the world for a single tongue to relate God's majesty, but maybe with one thousand I could get closer to that ideal.

Most people probably think one tongue is plenty for me (I tend to agree since in day-to-day life, I get in enough trouble with just that.) But when it comes to declaring God's love, one just isn't enough.

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Better Things Ahead: One Isn't Enough

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One Isn't Enough