Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Safely Home

I arrived back safely from my trip to Kenya. It was a remarkable experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

The same day that I left Kenya, there was a departure of a different kind. Hannah, Juli's patient with the facial tumor, went home to be with the Lord. Juli was scheduled to visit her to drop off more medicine and when she arrived, she was given the news that Hannah had passed away. Hannah's daughter, Nancy, clung to her and asked, "Juli, my mom has left me; what will I do without my mom?" Its the question that every daughter asks when her mother leaves this Earth. Death is one of the common human experiences that causes one to realize that regardless of culture, language, economic status or background, there are some things that everyone shares. Nancy, however, can rest secure in the fact that her mom who looked eagerly to her future home, will one day greet her again. She too arrived safely home.

Thank you all for your prayers and for remotely joining me on my journey. I will post a link to pictures soon.

Postscript - I wrote previously that Kenya was preparing for elections. The elections took place the day I left and the results have been announced. The incumbent won and due to allegations of voting irregularities there have been several days of violence and riots. Please pray for the safety of my new friends and that peace would reign in the country. Among my many lessons, was a renewed gratitude for how blessed we are in America for a stable government order.

Update - this story gives a recap of the Kenyan turmoil. Eldoret, the town mentioned throughout the article, is the closest town to my friends.

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