Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nothing Due

"God will meet you where you're at"
"Don't worry, it will happen. God has a person for you"
"This too shall pass"
"God accepts you just how you are"

Sometimes the most inaccurate things are said with the best of intentions.

In a culture that thinks that the ultimate purpose of life is to avoid suffering, the Church has parlayed the wisdom of the world into spiritual adages that sound good, but are wobbly in their theological accuracy. We often act like God is there to make sure that we are doing o.k. and that His sole reason for existence is to ensure our continued happiness. The truth is that God doesn't owe us anything so all the good that we are given is an act of His grace. To think that we are entitled to anything else is ridiculous.

In an article called "Don't Waste Your Life", John Piper states, "Our life is not our own. It belongs to God." Whatever He chooses to place in that life is solely at His discretion. Our job is to use whatever He has given us, good and bad, for His glory. That will barely make a dent into what He's due.



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Nothing Due