Saturday, May 12, 2007

Showing Up

Showing Up

It's a common phrase in Christian circles when something happens that conforms to what we want. "God was really working in that situation", we say and the evidence of this, is apparently us acquiring what we prayed for. We know that we've talked to God about our desires and when we obtain them we think that God's power is demonstrated. It's a simple case of cause and effect.

The problem with that theory is that there are a lot of times that we don't get what we want, and yet, God is still on His throne. Just because we can't trace the cause and effect doesn't mean that God's not accomplishing His purposes. God's working even when we don't acknowledge it. As Rob Bell says "God is always present. We're the ones that show up."

And therein lies our challenge. We need to show up to participate in what God is already doing. We need to see where He's working and want to be a part of it. We shouldn't be looking for God accomplishing what we want, but we should be seeking to be a part of His purpose. Showing up sounds easy, but it requires that we don't have our own agenda, or our own expectations of what should be. We're open to the possibilities of what He's doing, and we're listening to His still small voice so we know where we should be.

As children, we don't understand the power of showing up, because its what we're doing already. We don't plan and strategize, we just accept where we are and look how to make the most of the experience. Children don't have to be convinced that God created the world or that He's working in their lives. They have to be convinced that He's not.

When God commanded us to "become like little children" it was not only a reminder to trust Him without inhibition but to see His work wherever we happen to be. He's always on His throne, He's always commanding His Creation. We just have to be willing to experience it.

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Showing Up