Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Giving Up

I come from a long line of people who persevere. (Less kind people may say we're stubborn, obstinate or hard-headed, but we try not to listen to them. :-) ) Stick-to-it-ivness is highly valued in my family and throwing in the towel is not something you do lightly. In fact, growing up we were told it didn't matter what grades we got as long as we tried are hardest. Settling for less than our best wasn't an option. As long as it was up to us, we were going to achieve.

In a lot of ways, I believe these lessons were the right ones. So far life's torrents hasn't made any of us succumb to despair. We've all managed to survive - and every once in while, thrive. Life hasn't always been easy, but we manage to push through. Giving up isn't part of our bag of tricks. And although I believe that these lessons were the right ones, I've come to realize that there are other lessons that also must be learned. God does call us to give up - never on Him, but always on ourselves. He calls us to "lay down our life, pick up our cross and follow Him", to give up worldly recognition, money and fame to answer the call that He has for us. He wants us to give up the right to call the shots, and choose to listen to His direction. We must lay aside our own power and pick up His yoke. Giving up what we believe we're owed to embrace a grace we could never earn. Losing our lives, to have His. Sacrifice is never easy, but it's required in pursuit of Him.

I may never understand why God calls me to give up the things in my life that I love. I may be asked to set aside the good in order to obtain the better. Oftentimes, the best can't be seen on this side of Glory. And although giving up is never easy, it helps to know in Who's hands I must fall.



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Better Things Ahead: Giving Up

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Giving Up