Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I Am The King"

Recently, it was reported that Prince William and Prince Harry's first official painting had been unveiled. Looking at these two young princes, it is easy to see why they are acclaimed. They embody everything that we've come to expect about royalty from the tragic family, the youthful excess, to the life of privilege that few of us can relate to, let alone understand.

Although we may not be able to comprehend the life in which every earthly thing seems to be at our fingertips, it doesn't stop us from believing that we too deserve special treatment. Sure, most of us may not ever voice this claim, but it is readily apparent when we are bumped from "our" flight, when someone else takes the last chocolate we were craving, or when something, anything, doesn't go the way that we expected.

Yet, unlike Prince William and Prince Harry, our claims are unsubstantiated. And, despite their birthright, in truth, even the royal highnesses don't deserve the favors that have been granted. Because of our sin, we are entitled to nothing but death and discipline. The fact that God in His grace gives us good things on Earth is a representation of His character, not of our worthiness. We want to be granted special allowances, but the fact that God provided a way to restore our relationship with Him through His Son, is really more than we should really hope for.

In Southern California, there was a television salesman who used to proudly proclaim his dominance in his store's selection, by exclaiming, "I am the king." When I demand things of God - gifts that I think I'm entitled to, experiences that I desire, pains I want to avoid, my undue arrogance is similar to the television spokesperson. I am no more the king, than he is. There is only one King of the Universe - and my job is to rightly respond to the situations that in His wisdom He allows in my life, to lay my crown - my claim's of worthiness at His feet, setting aside every pretension to praise Him. Anything else, would be like taking the princes' painted crowns, and placing them on my own head thinking it means I'm royalty. Only One gets to rightly proclaim His supremacy, and to say "I AM the King."

How do you put down your crown and worship God?



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Better Things Ahead: "I Am The King"

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"I Am The King"