Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wicked Wisdom

The book of Proverbs has much to say about wisdom. In fact, the predominant subject of the book is the instruction of a father to his son on how to acquire and exhibit wisdom. As a concerned parent, it is imperative to King Solomon that his son find and follow the way of the Lord - the only true way of wisdom.

Unfortunately, God is not the only one to make a claim to wisdom. Many of the cliche sayings of our day are offered as wise ways to conduct our life. "If it doesn't hurt anyone, it's ok." "Truth is personal." "It's my life, I can do with it what I want." All of these, and more ways of the world, are posited as truisms. And yet none of them are in fact true. None of them offer the promises of God's wisdom; promises that ensure that although our life may be difficult, our rewards will be eternal.

"Wisdom" that leads us away from God and His purposes can only be called wicked for it offers itself as truth when it its far from it. The ways of this world seek to offer us peace and prosperity, but in fact they rarely offer either We must look at anything that claims to be wisdom in light of God's Word and when it stands apart from that truth, we must abandon it for that which is truly wise.

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