Thursday, January 8, 2009

Choosing to Trust

"Just trust me."

Why does it seem that these fateful words are always followed by unfortunate circumstances? It's as if we can anticipate when trust should not be given and therefore we are asked of it unceremoniously. As if trust that must be coerced is reliable.

The problem with trust is that, much like a loan, those who need it the most are the ones who often have the most trouble getting it. Because trust, like money, is only given to those who have a proven history of reliability. When a history of failed promises exists, trust is often difficult to come by.

What I've learned though is that sometimes we have to choose to trust anyway. Because if we expect failure, people are often all too-willing to live up to our expectations. Although the pain to us might be immense when people let us down again, the reward is immeasurable when they surprise.

In many ways, this is also living out Christ's call on our lives. Because in His infinite wisdom He assuredly knows that we will fail Him. Yet, He gives us a role and a purpose in seeing His plan come to pass. And if that's not an overabundance of unwarranted trust, I don't know what is.



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Better Things Ahead: Choosing to Trust

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Choosing to Trust