Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meeting the Unexpected

Meeting the Unexpected

It must have been an experience. Ten lepers come to Jesus and all of them ask to be healed. He gives a command. They leave. Only one comes back to thank Him for the cure.

Every time I've heard this story the focus has been on the one who returns. He was the one who understood what it meant to have a grateful heart. All of them were healed; he was the only one with the right response.

But what about the other nine? They were healed too and received everything they asked for. In all likelihood they went on to lead full and productive lives. If nothing else, there lives were immensely improved. No longer were they outcasts, separated from their families. No longer were they forbidden to enter God's Temple. Their lives – both physically and socially – had been restored. All their expectation were met.

The one that return, though, was blessed in a way that the others weren't. He got to experience Jesus' presence again. All of them were healed physically. Only the one choose to dwell in His presence.

How often do we do the same? We ask God for something, He gives it, and we enjoy the gift. We may even give an obligatory response of praise. But do we dwell in the Giver's presence. Do we acknowledge that the only reason the gift is good is due to the One who gave it?

I'm afraid this is rarely the case. We settle for met expectations. And bypass the blessings from the gift that we never anticipated, the need that was met even though we never expected it.



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Better Things Ahead: Meeting the Unexpected

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Meeting the Unexpected