Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good-bye Time

As mentioned previously in this space, I hate good-byes. For me, there's nothing good about them and if I had it my way, I would never have another one again.

This thought is especially poignant because tonight I said good-bye to a good friend. I have every reason to be happy for him - he's following God's call in his life, he's getting married to a great girl , and he's finally going home, but the selfish part of me is sad. Despite having good intentions of seeing him again, his presence here in California was symbolic of a particular season in my life. His leaving is symbolic of the fact that this season will soon change.

Life is like that. Even when we anticipate the changing season, it can be bittersweet. I consider myself a fairly well-adjusted individual and I still don't like change. It seems to bring about a loss of control and with that, a lack of certainity. The only sane response, and yet one of the hardest, is trust.

Goodbyes are hard because all you see is what you're losing. Trusting that the greater gain is bigger than the lost is not easy. In my case, tonight, it's easy to see all that will be gained for my friend. It feels like the lost is mine to bear. But I trust that the coming season will bring good to both of us. And I know it will be all the more sweet because I will have yet another great friend with which to share it.


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Better Things Ahead: Good-bye Time

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Good-bye Time