Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Common Human Condition

The Common Human Condition
I've been thinking about those things in life that are common to us all. Among them:
- Messing up
- Needing love
- Getting sick
- Having a family.

All of these things are experienced by every human being, regardless of the country that they live in, the friends they keep or the degree to which each condition is manifest in their lives. What I've learned is that too often we focus on the differences, on what distinguishes one person or one group of people from ourselves. However, the things we share in common are often stronger, more true, and a greater source of peace than can hope to be achieved merely through resolving what separates us.
I don't believe we can solve all that's wrong with the world through human means. Providence's help is desperately needed. But maybe if we viewed each other as Providence did - all in the same condition needing the same Source of grace - we'd get closer to resolution.



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Better Things Ahead: The Common Human Condition

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The Common Human Condition