Sunday, January 21, 2007

As the world changes

"We're just waiting, waiting for the world to change".

In his anthem justifying Generation X's perceived ambivalence, John Mayer expresses what many of his cohorts believe – that the reason for their inaction is not lack of caring – it's because they believe that with the current power structures their ability for effectiveness is minimal. So, it's not that this age refuses to act, it's just that they refuse to act until things change.

There may be perfectly good reasons for this position, but I'm struck by how different it is from what the generations before believed. Imagine if America never acted in War World II because they were waiting until peace was restored. Imagine if civil rights leaders never protested because they were waiting until full rights of citizenship were bestowed. Imagine if Mother Theresa never held the hand of a dying man because she was waiting for the cure for AIDS.

Right actions shouldn't wait for circumstances to change. Right actions are correct regardless of the forces that impede them. This generation shouldn't be waiting for the world to change. They should change it.



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Better Things Ahead: As the world changes

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As the world changes