Monday, March 22, 2010

Pieces, Plans & Peace

You know who you are. 

When a friend asks you to do something, you immediately check your calendar and figure out when you can negotiate a social outing.

When there's a church event, school project, or t-ball party, you are put in charge of the festivities.

When someone mentions a vacation, you immediately check airline prices.

Planners of the world....Unite!

Ok, maybe the process isn't as dramatic as all that, but for a lot of us, maybe most of us, planning is something that we take refuge in. After all, a plan gives us the sense that we can ensure that what we want to happen, will happen. It's our way of exerting our imprimatur on the events of our lives. Sure, our very breath is dependent upon God's grace, but somehow we think we can look into the future and dictate what will face. We're given part of the puzzle and think we have the ability to figure out the rest.

But it rarely works like that

Instead, many of the times, maybe most of the time, God gives us a piece of the plan. He tells us "Do this; this is the next right thing" and our job is to follow Him in faith.  When He's silent, when He hasn't told us the next move, our job is to rest in His peace as the plan is revealed. We don't obtain peace by trying to figure out the remaining pieces of the puzzle, He's promised that peace comes from Him, not the plan. 

May we faithfully do whatever God has called us to today, and leave the rest of the plan, in His hands.

Question: In what area is it hardest to trust in God's plan for your life?



Blogger Lula said...

Oh now I can! it seems that the link from FB was weird. Any way, I completely understand as I am the same way. I feel I have to write my to-do list down even if it has two items, like if I put it down it means I will actually do those things. I need to plan everything out, my whole weekend my whole week and I worry inside sometimes of things that will come and won't let me finalize those plans.
I need to follow your advice and rest in God because I worry too much about the future: will I have this? Will a have a baby? Will he/she be healthy? Will I have at least a girl? Will be able to afford this or that? Soo much. My mom told me once that worrying all the time was like to give Jesus a slap in the face after all He's done for us. I pray every day God gives me His peace and His patience to live worry free and enjoying what He gives me every day. :)

March 22, 2010 at 5:32 PM  

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