Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fighting Fear - A Book Review

"When Christ is great, our fears are not" - Max Lucado, Fearless

There is perhaps no greater detriment to the Christian life than fear. As Max Lucado persuasively argues in his new book, Fearless, combating fear in His disciples was one of Christ's primary concerns when He walked this Earth. Fear inhibits joy, fear chokes confidence, and fear takes the focus off Christ and puts it on ourselves. Living a fearless life then, is paramount for Christians.

In the fight against fear then, it's helpful to have weapons. Lucado's new book is a great resource to begin the battle. Although serious biblical scholars may find his treatment of the topic elementary and cursory, for the average American Christian it will jump start the desire to begin living fearlessly. And at a time when fear seems to plague more hearts then ever, it's not only helpful, but timely as well.

Fearless is divided up in chapters that provide battle tips to combat specific fears. Perhaps Lucado's greatest contribution comes in his handling of the age-old question - why does a good God allow His followers to experience pain? While correctly acknowledging that Christ promised His disciples troubles in this world, Lucado also reminds readers of the hope that comes from the next. "[Christians] aren't insulated. But neither are we intimated." "Satan cannot reach you without passing through him [Christ]." Through Christ, "heaven's best took hell's worst and turned it into hope." Therefore we can have confidence that "God wastes no pain." And again, while Lucado's work may not thoroughly address all the intricacies of this question, it is a great reminder of the foundational truths that Christians must heed.

Christ, and His Word, offers confidence and hope in a world gone awry. Begin living a Fearless life today.

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Better Things Ahead: Fighting Fear - A Book Review

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Fighting Fear - A Book Review